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  • Ingenrious rack with 3-tier design provide clear view of the tube contents.
  • Convenient inserting & removal of tubes & coloured & Opque
  • Withstand sub-freezing  tempertures
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427A-13 mm x 31 Tubes, 427B- 16 mm x 31 Tubes, 427C-20 mm x 20 Tubes, 427D-25 mm x 12 Tubes, 427E-25 mm x 18 Tubes, 427F-32 mm x 12 Tubes, 427G-25 mm x 36 Tubes, 427H-13 mm x 18 Tubes, 427I-15 mm x 18 Tubes, 427J-18 mm x 12 Tubes, 427K-13 mm x 62 Tubes, 427L-16 mm x 62 Tubes, 427M-20 mm x 40 Tubes, 427N-13 mm x 48Tubes, 427O-13 mm x 72 Tubes


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